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Corporate Story

Dalton was founded in 1940 and through the years we've seen buildings (and the building process) become more and more complex - despite the role that technology has played in making things more efficient. The number of disciplines and activities within each project has increased dramatically.

As a result, building projects have potential vulnerabilities that could never have been imagined decades ago. These vulnerabilities have, unfortunately, spawned conflicts and unhealthy practices in our industry, where some even take advantage of these vulnerabilities solely for their own benefit. From this, the industry has developed an unhealthy reputation. We want to take the lead in changing this.

Our own approach to building is unique for the Canadian building services market. We recognize that people who build or renovate want to use their time and money in the most productive way possible, and to have a positive experience throughout the project.

Since the time we made the choice to offer our Alternative Approach to Building, our business has expanded, customer satisfaction has continued to increase, and we believe the completed work is of better quality and at a lesser cost due to the transparency, thoroughness of the process, and our Alternative Approach to Building.

Our ultimate goal is; when the project is complete, to have a delighted client, fulfilled employees, healthy relationships with our external partners, and our company has grown and improved with each project.