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In many ways, Dalton's Alternative Approach seems tailor-made for Miele.


Miele, like Dalton, has always been family owned and operated. They were established 41 years before Dalton, in 1899. Their slogan, "Always Better", describes a tradition of precision engineering, reflected in their high-end household appliances. 

Miele brings the same exacting standards to their product showrooms, as evidenced in their beautiful new showrooms. It's critical that the Miele products be exhibited in a setting that exudes the brand's qualities. This demands the utmost in care and attention to detail, and was a key definition of success for Miele's Toronto showroom renovation. 

Dalton had worked on a previous project with Miele. The success of that project convinced Miele to entrust Dalton with the renovation of their Toronto showroom, housed within its Canadian headquarters in Vaughan, Ontario. Limiting intrusion and interruption on the office areas was a key consideration.


Dalton's Alternative Approach is well suited to Miele's requirements. Key measures such as budget and schedule are met in the course of achieving more critical objectives. As quality of work was such a key definition of success, open communication between Dalton, Miele, and the trades was essential. Our approach ensures a high-trust environment which breeds relentless pursuit of project goals. 

Miele would have considered an on-time and on-budget completion to be of limited benefit without the accompanying successes of uninterrupted office operations and impeccable construction work. While Dalton routinely executes this calibre of work everywhere from private clubs to residential builds, is it gratifying to satisfy Miele's careful eye.


Having delivered on Miele's definition of success, Dalton is now providing project management services for a near-identical renovation to Miele's Vancouver showroom.