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The Dalton Company's work at Artscape Youngplace offers, fittingly, a good lesson on the power of trust and creative collaboration.

Bringing a vision to life, both physically and conceptually, is no small task. It requires the translation of abstract into concrete, while building in the essential nuances of brand, vision, and mission.

The building retains essential architectural features of the Shaw School that describe its original use, while making a striking statement of the new purpose. The makeover into Artscape Youngplace creates an unmistakable harmony between the building's academic past and its imaginative future. 

Throughout construction, The Dalton Company's Alternative Approach to Building created an environment akin to a partnership. With a diversity of stakeholders, it was particularly important to leverage the speed of trust to manage expectations as well as risk.

Schools naturally take a central role in any community. The Dalton Company has helped to create a functional space that has remained a fixture in the area, exceeding the expectations of everyone from neighbours and philanthropists to artists and culture organizations. Artscape took the leap; and Dalton guided them through the build process.