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Building places for learning is a Dalton Company trademark. We feel privileged to have created some of the best possible spaces for students and faculty in the country.

Clanmore Montessori embarked on a significant expansion – 12 000 square feet – to meet the needs of Oakville families. The addition of a Middle School would set Clanmore apart, giving parents the unique option of toddler-to-teen Montessori education. 

This involved the creation of a new, multi-functional, environmentally innovative building and grounds. From a green roof to commercial-grade kitchen, the focus was always on giving students, teachers, and parents and unequaled experience.

Throughout the development of the new building, Clanmore required that the construction process and completion be on time and on budget. Clanmore also expected The Dalton Company to provide input and guidance for optimal financial, aesthetic and educationally related decision-making. The safety of all Clanmore students, staff, families and the local community was of paramount importance throughout the process.