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Reinventing a space takes a leap of faith. The Dalton Company helps its clients take the next steps.

Bringing a vision to life, both physically and conceptually, is no small task. It requires the translation of abstract into concrete, while building in the essential nuances of brand, vision, and mission. 

Artscape Toronto knows this as much as any organization in the city. Their cultural hubs and creative spaces are developed in consultation with a wide range of community stakeholders and end users. Artscape's transformation of decommissioned streetcar barns into a community arts centre is a stunning example of a creative vision being brought to life. 

The facility marries visual design cues with original architectural features to evoke the brisk activity of storage and service barns, in the new home of creative work that is no less industrious. 

Throughout construction, The Dalton Company's Alternative Approach to Building created an environment akin to a partnership. With such a diversity of stakeholders, it was particularly important to leverage the speed of trust to manage expectations as well as risk.

Dalton has helped to create a functional spaces that has become a part of the community, exceeding the expectations of everyone from neighbours and philanthropists to artists and culture organizations. Artscape took the leap; Dalton guided them through the build process.