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Building a new kitchen in a heritage building and occupied space

Dalton recently completed a renovation to Mississaugua Golf and Country Club’s kitchen and servery. The $230,000 project was carried out during the winter and spring months and opened in time for the 2017 golf season. As construction manager, Dalton oversaw all aspects of the project, which presented its fair share of challenges.

First and foremost was the clubhouse; a 100-plus year-old facility that presented many unforeseen issues that are difficult to anticipate before work begins due to the advanced age and undocumented conditions of the building.

Other challenges included the occupancy of the adjoining dining room during construction, which remained operational throughout the project. In addition to the kitchen equipment installation that demanded great attention to detail and compliance with strict safety regulations.

Dalton’s team embraced these challenges by applying our Alternative Approach to Building, and communication we delivered the project within the Club’s schedule and budget mandates. The kitchen was ready in time to host members’ Mother’s Day celebrations.

Our team built a temporary wall that minimized disruption for members and staff using the dining facilities, while keeping them safe and limiting signs and sounds of construction. We also managed the complex installation of kitchen equipment, which included opening up the ceiling and installing equipment on the club’s roof.

Our team erected temporary walls around the construction area to minimize disruption to club members.