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Revitalizing Bayview Golf & Country Club

The Bayview Golf and Country Club recently engaged The Dalton Company to revitalize its facilities to enhance the experiences of current members and attract interest in new membership. For over 50 years, the Bayview Golf and Country Club has offered its members sports, recreation and social experiences. Located just north of Toronto, the club features sports, fitness and event facilities that are used by members all ages for activities such as golf, tennis, fitness and swimming.

Dalton is currently leading an $11.2 million revitalization of Bayview's clubhouse in its role as construction manager for all phases of the project, including 12,000 sq. ft. of new building area and a reimagined, 23,000 sq. ft. outdoor pool and terrace.

(Left) Image courtesy of Hossack & Associates Architects / (Right) Image courtesy of Nicholls & Associates, the project's interior designer.

Well before ground broke and demolition began, The Dalton Company leveraged its Alternative Approach to Building, working closely with the club to proactively identify project risks and issues, and then creating a carefully planned construction schedule. This approach will mitigate risks by splitting the project into two phases and lessen disruption for members using the club's facilities during construction. Phase one of this project is well underway and is scheduled for completion in June 2017. Phase two of this project—the renovation of additional change rooms—will begin next year.

Image courtesy of Nicholls & Associates.

Clubhouse enhancements include:

  • Building a new fitness centre and main entrance—a 4,600 sq. ft., two-story addition that involves demolishing the current main entrance, expanding the existing HVAC service and installing a new elevator.
  • Removing the club's current outdoor pool and deck and building a new, 4,500 sq. ft. pool and 19,760 sq. ft. deck, complete with a splash pad and outdoor dining area.
  • Creating a new, 1,600 sq. ft. virtual golf gallery with two golf simulators.
  • Renovating the lower level locker room and washrooms, which includes installing over 900 new lockers, upgrading the shower area and steam room, and relocating and building a new junior locker room and lounge.
  • Installing new mechanical systems and LED lighting, which will improve energy efficiency through reduced power consumption and more effective heating and cooling.
  • Renovating the existing banquet hall and lobby.

Image courtesy of Hossack & Associates Architects.

This 30-second video gives you a sneak-peak of the Club's vision for the pool and terrace, as well as time-lapse footage of our crews working hard to complete the project by summer 2017.