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Storied Toronto Yacht Club Hires Dalton to Lead Clubhouse Revitalizations

Final steps are underway to complete renovations at the City Clubhouse at The Royal Canadian Yacht Club (RCYC) in downtown Toronto. In our role as construction manager, Dalton is leading a $1.3M enhancement of RCYC’s City Clubhouse, which includes:

  • Revitalizing the women’s, men’s and family change rooms
  • Improving members’ dining experience
  • Updating the main foyer and entryway finishes

A worker installs lockers at RCYC's City Clubhouse (left). The final result (right).

The storied sailing club has selected Dalton to act as construction manager to lead a $7 million effort to rebuild and renew its City Clubhouse in downtown Toronto and its Island Clubhouse on Toronto Island.

Planning is well underway to complete renovations at RCYC's Island Clubhouse, which will involve: 

  • Restoring the building's existing façade
  • Replacing windows
  • Renovating the Club's bar/lounge and washrooms.

Currently, Dalton is working closely with the entire project team—including architect The Ventin Group and window supplier Ridley Windows & Doors—during the project’s all-important pre-construction phase to conduct on-site investigations, identify risks and establish a construction budget and schedule that aligns with the Club’s overall vision.  

Expected completion date for the Island Clubhouse project is Spring 2018.