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Managing a complex window and door replacement program in a residential golf community

In 2014, an assessment of the 80 condominiums in the Beacon Hall golf course community—located on a sprawling, 265-acre property in Aurora, ON—determined that each home's windows and sliding doors needed replacement. A detailed condition survey concluded that the windows in the condominiums—which were built in the late 1980s—had reached the end of their life expectancy. This meant that over 1,000 windows and sliding doors in the community's townhomes, apartments and bungalow lofts needed to be replaced.

The company responsible for maintaining the condos, York Region Condominium Corporation No. 676 (YRCC), hired The Dalton Company to manage the large-scale, $3.8M window and door replacement project. Applying its Alternative Approach to Building—which aligns a project team through leadership, trust and collaboration—Dalton worked closely with Ridley Windows and Doors Inc. to create a comprehensive program that would be executed over an 18-month period. As construction manager, Dalton delivered the project ahead of schedule and on budget through long-term planning, proactive problem solving, creative scheduling and constant communication with key stakeholders.

Dalton began by conducting a feasibility study and a value engineering exercise that analyzed numerous options to identify the optimal window and door products for the job. This intensive analysis was presented in a 150-page report and presented to YRCC to ensure the project was delivered within the approved budget and timeframe. During this critical preconstruction and planning phase, Dalton negotiated a limited warranty on the windows to safeguard homeowners from any potential issues in the future. 

After the report was approved by YRCC, Dalton and Ridley gave a presentation to homeowners at a town hall meeting that summarized the report and communicated relevant details of the project plan. Next, Dalton coordinated a comprehensive window measurement and installation schedule over a month-long period, which involved contacting each homeowner personally and accommodating their individual needs. 

With up to 21 windows and doors to replace in each house, Dalton and Ridley joined forces to speed things along, while keeping a close eye on quality and strictly adhering to the project's health and safety plan. Before work began, a Dalton crew visited each home, updated owners on the work plan, delivered the new windows and doors, and prepared all work areas. Soon after, Ridley's crew arrived, erected temporary partitions in each work area to minimize dust and disruption, removed and disposed old windows and doors, and installed new ones. Using this streamlined approach, work crews successfully turned around each house in just one week, allowing Dalton to honour the agreed upon window and door replacement schedule. 

Throughout the project, Dalton proactively addressed issues and maintained constant communication with YRCC, Ridley and homeowners, which were key factors in completing the project on schedule and on budget.