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A centre for spiritual guidance and healing, The Southdown Institute decided to relocate from Aurora to Holland Landing. The new facility sits on a 6-acre site, so chosen to establish a natural reserve in conjunction with an important watershed.


The benefits of Dalton's Alternative Approach to Building are readily seen during the construction phase of any project, be it in the form of efficient trade relations and timely schedules. 

The Southdown Institute is a prime example of a fundamental aspect of our project delivery model. Dalton's early involvement in the project ensured that Southdown's vision for the facility would be brought to life. Our team provided project and construction management services, and worked with consultants to ensure all the objectives for the project were being met. 


Early involvement in a project allows Dalton to fully understand our client's purpose, vision, and objectives, as well as their constraints. We also take the time to understand the architect's and consultants' ideas and their concerns, and provide the necessary assistance. Our goal is to make the project successful for every participant. Together we establish the project's "Definition of Success" and at this point we expect to become fully accountable.


Southdown was delighted to be able to move into its new facility as planned. 

It is perhaps the assistance rendered before breaking ground from which Southdown most benefitted. That is a direct result of Dalton's Alternative Approach.


The Southdown Institute won a 2014 Wood Design Award for its use of wood in construction. The Ontario Wood WORKS! awards program recognizes people and organizations that, through design excellence, advocacy, and innovation, are advancing the use of wood in all types of construction. 

The building was designed as a wood structure, with a range of wood finishes, to integrate the facility with the surrounding natural environment.