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Dalton Helps Expand Bata Shoe Company’s Legacy with Condo Project

The former Bata Shoe factory continues its transformation from factory space to living and working place. The Dalton Company has been making steady progress converting the former shoe factory into a mixed-use condominium. But this project is much more than a factory being converted into a condo. It’s a about a changing community. Guided by Batawa Development Corporation’s (BDC) vision to build a beautiful, sustainable, vibrant, and friendly community in Batawa, ON.

BDC has entrusted Dalton to oversee the transformation of the building into 75 units. As the project’s construction manager, we’re leading a project team comprises of more than 70 companies, which includes architects, consultants and trades, that will ultimately build upon the legacy of the iconic structure and the surrounding community.

Workers hoist roofing material five stories to the roof of the former Bata Shoe factory.
As part of Mrs. Bata’s vision, our efforts are being guided by sustainable building principles to ensure energy efficiency. For example, a geothermal heating system will keep building residents warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Crews are currently drilling over 60 holes that descend 600 feet underground for the heating and cooling system. Tubes will be inserted into the holes and a special fluid—which captures and transfers the earth’s energy—will circulate through the closed loop system to heat and cool the condo.

The $18M project is scheduled for substantial completion in Spring 2019.