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Alternative Approach

The Dalton Company's "Alternative Approach to Building" serves a unique area of the Canadian building services market. The level of quality demanded by our clients, and their stakeholders, takes a special attention to detail that we believe is best served by our "Alternative Approach to Building".

We perform some of the most demanding work in the building industry and the foundation of our success rests on one essential factor and that is the trust we establish with our customers.

The Dalton Company has been in the construction business for 74 years. During this time, the process of constructing has become more complex. The sheer number of professionals and trades involved has risen dramatically, and the costs have multiplied, as have the issues and conflicts. From this, bad practices have developed and the industry has earned an unfavourable reputation. As a result, we are taking the lead and doing something about it.

We believe that the building industry needs a new model. Accordingly, we have developed our "Alternative Approach to Building" where we are involved early to understand our client's purpose, vision, objectives, and their limitations. We also take the time to understand the architect's and consultant's ideas and their concerns, and assist in any special needs. Our objective is to make the project successful for every participant. Together we establish the project's "Definition of Success" and at this point we expect to become fully accountable.

To start the work, we establish a comprehensive understanding of the project's parameters by using clear and honest communications, and treating everyone as true partners.

During the building process, we are onsite to facilitate every step through to completion. We meet with our clients regularly to provide detailed reports on progress and costs. We continually update them on the "Project's Vital Signs", which is a predictive analysis we have developed that eliminates typical building "surprises". It supports decision-making that saves time and money by being proactive. Our mandate is to address all issues that are revealed in the "Project Vital Signs" with our "Issue Resolution Mechanism" action plan that is implemented within seven days.

To provide our clients with assurance that we are working in their best interest, we measure the performance of our personnel based on direct client feedback. This means that our consistent concern is with meeting the project's "Definition of Success".

Our main focus is only vested in the success of the project and our ultimate goal is to have a delighted Client.

This is how Dalton is “Building on Principles”.