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Project Management

When a Client determines a need to build a project, The Dalton Company's Alternative Approach to Building can help to reach sound decisions in areas such as:

  • General project characteristics and performance requirements.
  • Site analysis and selection.
  • Lead in forming a collaborative team of professionals.
  • Coordination of ongoing activities and other public and community concerns to minimize interruptions.
  • Development of a preliminary budget and comprehensive master schedule.
  • Establishments of a management information and reporting system to meet your requirements.
  • Development of detailed and complete bid documents to assure timely, responsive and comparable bids, while avoiding questions and protests.
  • Assistance in reviewing and analyzing bids and selecting contractors.

We see a substantial difference between best price and best value. To us, best price means cheapest, where best value means the benefits are worth the price.

If this seems like a marketing ploy, what we're saying is easily confirmed. Our references are well known, highly regarded institutions. We encourage you to ask any of them if our claims are true.

The benefits of our Approach:

We won't mislead you by giving you a tempting initial price. We'll tell you what things will end up costing for your project and keep on track with that budget without excuses. We'll also set a fair profit so that you don't have to worry about us cheating you.

  • You reduce your level of tension and stress.
  • Your project costs what you expect it to cost; it gets built the way you want it built.
  • You're taken care of throughout the process. Our leadership and accountability allows you to get on with the rest of your responsibilities (and life).
  • You work with people whose practices are built to protect you rather than exploit you.
  • You have concrete proof that we are committed to delivering a successful project through the establishment of the project's Definition of Success ("DOS"). We consistently track how we are delivering on the DOS and provide you with written reports. This permits us to stay focused on the project priorities and provide recommendations and solutions based on what we have learned.