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Dalton Works

Traditionally, Dalton’s construction and project management services has focused on delivering complex projects through our Alternative Approach to Building—a methodology that uses trust-based collaboration to integrate a large, multi-disciplinary project team.

Internally, this team is comprised of a Project Manager, Quantity Surveyor, Project Assistant, Site Manager and Accountant. This team in turns engages a broader team of trades and consultants who perform an array of tasks, including feasibility studies, cost analyses, scheduling, materials procurement, etc., that require considerable time and effort.

Our new division—Dalton Works—has been established to tackle projects that do not require this broad spectrum of resources. Dalton Works provides building services in three primary areas:

1) Expedited Renovations

Coordinating a series of services to deliver a final project defined by a limited scope of work, such as kitchen and office renovations, or any other space in or around your facility.

2) Maintenance

Providing a service, such as repairs to a railing, an interior painting job, or electrical system maintenance, as a one-off project, or on a weekly, bi-monthly or monthly basis.

3) Emergency Service

Dispatching Dalton Works crews on time-sensitive, quick turnaround projects, such as burst pipes, fires or mechanical failures, etc., which require immediate response and completion.

Dalton Works streamlines our Alternative Approach to Building to expedite the delivery of a project through three phases:

1) Scope Determination
2) Quotation
3) Construction

The expedited approach that Dalton Works employs allows our team to quickly marshal the resources necessary to build or maintain a facility efficiently with the level of quality our firm has been synonymous with for over 75 years.

Dalton Works Benefits

  • Assumes risk and become accountable for the work completed by contractors.
  • Reduces stress for facilities managers and general managers who cannot perform certain services.
  • Keeps facilities operating efficiently through annual maintenance programs.
  • Proactively plan building enhancements to deliver long-term cost savings.
  • Bridges labour capacity shortfalls.
  • Crews operate independently without the need for constant oversight.
  • Crews self-perform the majority of tasks required to complete a project, and highly skilled, handpicked trades are sourced when required.
  • Frequent updates through regular progress reports to ensure the project’s objectives are achieved.
  • Professional, courteous service for working in occupied spaces to minimize disruption and accommodate the needs of people who occupy a building.
  • Experience with scheduling work, managing trades and communicating with general managers, facilities operators, board members, etc. to ensure an operating facility runs as smoothly as possible.
  • Proactive, creative solutions to difficult challenges through planning and an open, collaborative environment that capitalizes on the experience and talent of our team members.

Learn more by viewing our project portfolio or contacting Dalton Works Director, Lucas Hrinco.

Lucas Hrinco
Director, Dalton Works
p: 416-789-4195 ext. 209
e: hrincol@daltonbuild.com