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A proud member of the Canadian Green Building Council, The Dalton Company Ltd. is focused on sustainable building and has Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Accredited Professionals on staff.

Our corporate environmental policy solidifies our commitment to be transparent and accountable about our building activities and their impact on the environment. This demonstrates to our clients that we are truly Building on Principles and earning trust as a leading green builder in our industry.

Sustainable design aligns with Dalton's Alternative Approach to Building, championing an integrated, collaborative environment where decision-making occurs among key stakeholders throughout all project phases. Innovation and design aspects also align with our mandate to provide alternative, improved, innovative solutions as compared to the typical general contracting route.

Dalton's key guiding principles, which form the basis of our environmental policy, are as follows:

Planning: The Dalton Company will assess the potential impact of all projects and operations on the environment and will integrate the appropriate protective measures into the planning process to minimize these impacts.

Consultation: The Dalton Company will maintain open lines of communication with regulatory agencies and the public as they relate to corporate policies and activities that may affect the environment.

Compliance: The Dalton Company will comply with all applicable laws, regulations, policies and industry guidelines pertaining to environmental protection and will ensure that our knowledge of such matters is current.

Corrective Action: Incidents that have the potential to adversely affect the environment will be reported, assessed and corrected in a timely and effective manner.

Emergency Response: The Dalton Company will ensure that programs are in place to minimize the consequences of emergency events on the environment by committing a prompt and effective response to such events.