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Our Alternative Approach is based in common sense. This may sound strange, but it's been lost in most other building methods. Here's what we mean.

Conventional approaches rely heavily on legal processes that overprotect the builder and expose clients to great risk. These processes are very expensive, have nothing to do with building (in fact they slow it down), and create tense relationships. Here's the common sense: we're professional builders, and we know our business - so we do things proactively and above board, and don't rely on lawyers to bail us out.

We don't have to overprotect ourselves, because our whole Approach is designed to ensure that your project is a success by your definition. We make sure that your project goals are realistic and attainable before any building starts. During construction, we're predictive rather than reactive. This is the most cost-effective way to build, does a better job and protects you and us.

The key to our Approach is people. With the right technical expertise in place, our focus is on maintaining strong relationships, communication and motivation within the project team. Our Alternative Approach is a proven method of facilitating these elements. Central to this is something we call "healthy conflict" that cuts through politics and tension, and frees our talented staff and partners to do their best technical work.

Our difference isn't complicated or high tech, but it's proven time and again that it works.