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Delivering 26,000sqft of Science for St. Andrew’s College:

The Dalton Company has now completed the McLaughlin Hall Science facilities at St. Andrew’s College (SAC) in Aurora, Ontario.

The Dalton Company, now in its 80th year, was the original builder of this facility back in 1970; it is a testament to our skill, diligence and approach that we were invited back to renovate the building 50 years later.

Working as SAC’s Construction Manager and following our Alternative Approach to Building methodology where we integrate the whole project team and take advantage of the knowledge of everyone, to maximize the project’s outcome, not only demonstrates the effectiveness of this methodology, but couples with the Dalton Company’s lessons learned from past science projects at other independent/private schools.

This rigorous approach to pre-construction planning, design & coordination to support the design team in providing real, practical and objective constructability information and reduce as many unknowns as possible.

This $10M project, was a significant renovation, that took the original building back to its skeleton and introduced new physical space for science and technology, including high specification laboratories for chemistry, biology, and a two storey Maker Space and robotics classroom.

This renovation made St. Andrew’s College into a leader in the science field. Dalton converted McLaughlin hall into a university level science centre.

The building, housed over three floors, is located right in the heart of the SAC campus. The success of this project, delivered during the COVID-19 pandemic, is a testament to the diligent communication and work ethics of the Dalton team and the successful collaboration with SAC and its Consultants.

We were able to provide real, practical and objective constructability information and investigatory work on the existing services months before construction started.

This essential early work allowed us to plan effectively and keep the school running throughout the multiple phases of the 18 month build and reduce as many unforeseen issues as possible.

Stay tuned as a 3D visual tours are on the way! Have a look below to see the completed McLaughlin Hall!

Photo Credit via St. Andrew's College.

Building on the success of the McLaughlin Science project, The Dalton Company is extremely excited to be working on the next phase of St. Andrew’s College growth, by constructing the upcoming St. Anne’s Project.

To learn about this upcoming project, see the St. Anne’s School video.


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