Construction Management

Construction Management

Dalton specializes in offering Construction Management services to help our clients achieve their Definition of Success for commercial and residential projects. Unlike many of our competitors, Dalton almost exclusively delivers projects through the Construction Management delivery method.

Acting as your trusted advisor, we are involved early in the design phase of a project, bringing all stakeholders together to identify risks and responsibilities, and establish timelines and costs. We directly engage trade contractors and suppliers and assume responsibility for their performance, which shifts many risks away from you, onto us. We can assume these risks because we proactively manage the pre-construction phase.

We consistently track how we are delivering on the Definition of Success of a project that is established by you, and then we provide written reports that measure our performance against your standards. This permits us to stay focused on the project priorities and provide recommendations and solutions based on what we have learned.

Key Tools in Our Construction Management Toolbox

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Definition of Success Report

A document we deliver each month that measures the success of your project against your vision and expectations. 


Project Vital Signs 

A predictive analysis we routinely perform that eliminates typical project "surprises" through proactive problem-solving.

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Issue Resolution Mechanism 

A five-stage process we have developed to efficiently address the inevitable issues that arise with complex building projects. 


Trade Relations Program 

A rewards-based program that fosters high-trust relationships with our trades through open, honest communications and measuring project performance. 

How Dalton's Approach Benefits Our Clients

  1. Early involvement means project issues are flagged before construction begins

  2. Dalton takes on risk by assuming responsibility for trade contractors

  3. Projects can be delivered on accelerated / fast-tracked schedule

  4. Trust-based collaboration keeps project team focused on the number #1 priority: achieving client goals

  5. Our approach fully integrates project team to capitalize on the knowledge of all team members

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Development Management

Dalton offers development management services across various sectors that foster the advancement of a project from initial ideas through to completion. In our role as Development Manager, we will act as your trusted advisor to minimize your risks, lead the development process, integrate the broader project team, and help you gather and analyze information to make well-informed decisions.


Our experienced project team members can perform a variety services to support your needs. This includes leading and coordinating strategy development, feasibility studies, zoning and permitting approvals, consultant selection and oversight, budget and scheduling.

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Dalton Works

A division of The Dalton Company, Dalton Works employs a streamlined approach that can quickly marshal the resources necessary to efficiently build or maintain a facility. Dalton Works specializes in delivering the following Expedited Renovations, Maintenance and Emergency Services.


The division uses leaner, more nimble processes that are guided by the same core values that Dalton uses to deliver all its projects: integrity, commitment, accountability, responsibility and experience. Dalton Works proudly self-performs the majority of tasks required to complete a project, and partners with handpicked, highly skilled trades when required.

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Feasibility Studies

Assessing the viability of a project is, at times, a crucial first step before work begins. Our experience leading the feasibility study process will ensure your organization has all the information required to understand the design schematics, budget, schedule and the logistics involved with construction implementation.


We specialize in working with our clients to:


  • Understand the project goals

  • Identify any significant risks facing the project

  • Assemble the project team

  • Investigate the existing conditions of the facilities and surrounding spaces

  • Prepare cost analysis scenarios for different options

  • Prepare a final report

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Master Planning

When a broader, more comprehensive plan is required for a project, Dalton’s master planning services can help your organization develop a long-term plan that aligns with your future development goals. Acting as your trusted advisor, Dalton will leverage our experience and extensive network of specialty consultants to help your organization gather and evaluate accurate information so you can make well-informed decisions.


First, our team will help you establish the broader goals and actionable objectives of your project. Then, we will assemble and lead a multi-disciplinary project team, investigate existing conditions, evaluate best options, develop a preliminary schedule and budget, and write and present a plan that will achieve approvals from key stakeholders that will ultimately advance the project.

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Project Management

Your organization has the ideas, support and momentum for a new project–now you need to build it. Dalton’s project management services will advance your next project through the complex process from conceptual ideas through to construction and post-construction. Our experienced, qualified team can help you understand and expedite the planning process of a new build or renovation project before shovels hit the ground, which will help you achieve best value for your construction dollar.


Our team will help you:


  • Establish project characteristics and performance requirements

  • Analyze and select site locations

  • Evaluate and select a collaborative team of professionals

  • Coordinate ongoing activities and other public and community concerns to minimize interruptions

  • Develop a preliminary budget and comprehensive master schedule

  • Manage and report information to meet your requirements

  • Generate detailed bid documents to assure a timely, responsive and comparable tender process

  • Review and analyze bids, and select qualified trade contractors

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QS & Cost Consulting

Dalton boasts an in-house, QS & Cost Consulting team that will work with you and the broader team to establish a budget that aligns with your organization’s Definition of Success for a project. Our QS and cost consulting team is involved early in the pre-construction phase to evaluate and offer recommendations to enhance constructibility and sequencing.


Leveraging years of experience, a comprehensive database and Dalton’s vast network of trades and suppliers, our QS & Cost Consulting team will generate accurate budgets based on the current marketplace. They will act as your trusted advisors, balancing your project goals with design, budgetary and scheduling requirements to ensure project success.

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