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Health & Safety

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Program - Trade Relations
Trade Relations

Our goal is to provide exemplary service and experiences to our clients, improving all of our standards and ensuring that our trade partners and suppliers also thrive to deliver our client’s Definition of Success (DOS) for each project.


We have established a Trade Relations Program to formally identify and recognize Dalton’s trades and suppliers for meeting our Alternative Approach to Building requirements and delivering superior value to our clients. On every project Dalton delivers, we measure a trade partner's performance on a monthly basis. 

Andrew Dalton

Randy Dalton

Benefits of Dalton's

Trade Relations Program

  • Helps deliver value and exceptional customer service

  • Ensures consistent delivery standards

  • Creates value and loyalty with our trades and clients

  • Emphasizes the Dalton difference

  • Encourages trust-based collaboration with team

Programs - Health & Safety
Health & Safety
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We believe that everyone must work together to build a strong culture of Health & Safety (H&S) at The Dalton Company. Our comprehensive Health & Safety Program provides leadership, training and best practises that supports a strong, proactive safety improvement process. 

Through a shared commitment to working with and supporting our H&S Program, we ensure that the necessary resources are made available to our Program so that safety and health are considered in all decisions. Employees receive routine training. Work sites are inspected regularly. Adherence to safety standards is reported.

This approach to continually improving our H&S Program allows us to control or eliminate all risks to the health and well-being of employees, trade contractors, clients and guests.

Safety is our

#1 Priority

All members of management, the Joint Health and Safety Committee, and all workers must join together in making health and safety an integral component of every job we do, every product we sell, and every guest we serve."

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Andrew Dalton

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Randy Dalton

Dalton Health & Safety Program Highlights

  • Multiple Zero Injury Frequency Certificates of Achievement from the Ontario General Contractors Association

  • Employees training in First Aid, WHMIS, Propane, Fall Arrest, Supervisory Basics and safe operation of lifts and machines.

  • Dalton Joint H&S committee meets regularly to assess best practices and provide recommendations

Programs - Sustainability

A proud member of the Canadian Green Building Council, The Dalton Company Ltd. is focused on sustainable building and has Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Accredited Professionals on staff.

Our corporate environmental policy solidifies our commitment to be transparent and accountable about our building activities and their impact on the environment. This demonstrates to our clients that we are truly Building on Principles and earning trust as a leading green builder in our industry.


Sustainable design aligns with Dalton's Alternative Approach to Building, championing an integrated, collaborative environment where decision-making occurs among key stakeholders throughout all project phases.

Innovation and design aspects also align with our mandate to provide alternative, improved, innovative solutions as compared to the typical general contracting route.

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Dalton's early involvement and leadership were instrumental in defining the scope of the project. Once the scope and budget were established, the execution went as planned, to our delight.


Toronto Botanical Garden was awarded the Toronto Green Design Award in 2006, the first of eight awards for design and conservation. This would not have been possible without Dalton's fastidious construction to bring the beautiful design to fruition."

 - Toronto Botanical Garden

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