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Alternative Approach

Every building project involves elements of risk. In fact, the success of a project is often defined by how well risks are managed throughout its lifecycle.

Traditional project delivery methods are structured so that project owners assume risks unknowingly. This means that the inevitable issues that will arise can become a project owner's responsibility.

And here's the truth in our experience...

Contracts don't manage risks.

The right people do.

Managing risks effectively begins with building trust amongst a project team. We provide leadership early on by bringing all stakeholders together and encouraging an open, honest environment based on trust-based collaboration.


This eliminates the adversarial nature of traditional delivery methods, while capitalizing on the skillsets of the entire team–from architects, to designers, to engineers, to trade contractors and suppliers.

We work with the Client and its consultants to establish each project's Definition of Success (DOS) and keep the project team focused on achieving the Client's DOS. This approach eliminates bias and self-interest and promotes an atmosphere based on teamwork and a shared responsibility to meet the Client's goals.

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We call this

an Alternative Approach to Building

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