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Our Story

The Dalton Company Ltd. is a family-owned building services firm that has been committed to consistently exceeding the expectations of its clients and maintaining long-term relationships for over 75 years. Our story reaches back three generations of Daltons–each building upon the core values that serve as the foundation of our firm.

Dalton was originally founded by Peter D. Dalton in 1940 as a family-owned private business. Peter served as President of both the Toronto Construction Association and the Canadian Construction Association, establishing a tradition of industry leadership for successive family members who would later run the company. 

Early Projects

River Paper Mill

Renovation of the Spanish River Paper Mill in Espanola, ON (pictured left) for the KVP Company Ltd. ranks among Dalton's first major projects.

Law Society of Upper Canada

The renovation project for the Law Society of Upper Canada helped solidify Dalton's reputation as a building restoration specialist in the Greater Toronto Area.

Ownership of the firm was passed along to successive generations of Dalton family members, who carried on the company's tradition of successfully managing projects involving the most demanding and challenging types of construction.

Throughout our history, The Dalton Company has evolved and adapted to the ever-changing building industry landscape. Over time, the process of constructing has become more complex. The sheer number of professionals and trades involved in a project has risen dramatically. Costs have multiplied. Issues and conflicts have increased substantially. As a result, bad practices have developed and the industry has earned an unfavourable reputation.

We believe the industry needs to change.

Trust needs to be restored. Accountability re-established. Integrity rebuilt.

We are doing something about it. The Dalton Company has developed and Alternative Approach to Building based on the same core values that the company was founded over 75 years ago. Led by CEO Andrew Dalton and President Randy Dalton, we have made trust a cornerstone of our business.


Our Core Values






Our goal is to apply the highest possible standards to every aspect of our work.

Our objective is to consistently exceed the expectations of our clients and build

long-term relationships.


Our promise is to be accountable, responsible, and ethical. Our commitment is to provide outstanding expertise and to work in a cooperative, timely and cost-effective manner.

This is what we call

Building on Principles

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