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Our people take a leadership role in our industry. We go beyond the fundamentals of building, seeking to provide clients qualities that are differentiators: 

  • Effective communications

  • Proactive problem solving

  • Co-operative relationships

  • Collaborative approach to project management

Senior Leadership Team

Andrew Dalton_June 2018.jpg
Chief Executive Officer
Andrew Dalton
Randy Dalton, President, headshot
Randy Dalton
Harris Cooper_June 2018.jpg
Harris Cooper
Chief Financial Officer
Ravi_New Grey Background_REV.jpg
Ravi Rajpal
VP, Quantity
Jeff Pearson_Dec. 2019.jpg
Jeff Pearson
Senior Advisor,
Project Management
Jason Judson_Dec. 2019 Final.jpg
Jason Judson
Director, Project Development
Little Trinity Church, Toronto, Adaptive Reuse, Heritage project
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     Where other construction managers may have chosen to fold up their tent and move on rather than face adversity, The Dalton Company chose to roll up its sleeve, sit down with us and resolve project issues collectively, utilizing the full strength of our entire team, in the best interest of our congregation." 

 - Little Trinity Anglican Church 


Dimitre Vassilev_June 2018.jpg
Dimitre Vassilev
Sam Catricala_Headshot.jpg
Sam Catricala
William Dobson_June 2018_smaller.jpg
William Dobson
Jeff Ranieri.jpg
Jeff Ranieri
Matthew Myszkowski_June 2018.jpg
Matthew Myszkowski
Richard Housser_June 2019_Final.jpg
Richard Housser
Mark Vozner


Swing Golf_Lounge_Web.jpg
Eddy Charles Headshot_June 2018 1_smalle
Eddy Charles
Dalton D.jpg
Coy Davidson


Marketing/Client Relations

Amanada Santucci_June 2018_Cropped.jpg
Amanda Santucci
Rick Amodeo_smaller.jpg
Rick Amodeo
Nick Policano_June 2018.jpg
Nick Policano