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The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged many organizations to re-evaluate their outdoor spaces for new approaches to accommodate guests and staff in this 'new normal'. 

Dalton has extensive experience planning and building outdoor spaces for clients across different industries.


If you need assistance identifying ideas and options for consideration or board-level approval, we offer feasibility study services that will help give you an unbiased, well-informed approach to determine what works best for your goals, budget and schedule.

Once your ready to build, our Alternative Approach to Building delivery model means that we are involved early in the planning process, providing leadership and capitalizing on the skills and insights of the architect, specialty consultants and trades/suppliers. This will help you and your organization build an outdoor space that fulfills your Definition of Success.

Feature Projects

Location: Toronto, ON



Sector: Private Clubs

Expertise: Outdoor spaces; Landscaping

Services: Construction Management

Dalton led construction activities on the completion of a (insert number) sq. ft. outdoor terrace for Donalda Club. The project involved... (insert description).

We are very pleased with how well Dalton managed the construction costs and successfully wrestled down the budget during the design development and tendering phases of the project, therefore meeting Donalda's budget mandate for the work."


Donalda Club

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