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Cooking Up New Improvements at Miele’s Canadian Headquarters

Dalton completed improvements to Miele’s headquarters and Experience Centre in Vaughan, ON. Dalton Works – a division of Dalton that employs a streamlined approach to deliver projects efficiently – executed the construction of a new test kitchen and food preparation area, while a Dalton project team serving the role of project and construction manager replaced and expanded Miele's parking lot.

The test kitchen–which will be kept secure by a newly added card access system–allows Miele staff to install and use the company’s latest kitchen appliances before they are released to the market. The food prep area offers expanded capabilities for events, such as live cooking experiences hosted by Miele’s Culinary Institute.

Dalton Work collaborated with Miele to understand their Definition of Success for the project. Based on Miele's needs, a team was assembled that offered advice on constructability and materials selection, and Dalton Work assumed full responsibility of the project from design to execution.

The project involved renovations to an existing area near the Experience Centre located in the building. New walls were constructed and custom-built cabinets were installed. Also, electrical, mechanical and plumbing services were relocated.

An interesting feature of the kitchen is the commercial, rubberized floor called Eco-Grip installed by Dalton Work. Manufactured using 98% recycled content, the specialty flooring is slip-and-impact resistant, waterproof and designed to withstand staining from animal fats. Another notable feature is the technologically-advanced dishwashing area.

Completed over the summer months, Miele’s reconstructed and expanded parking lot covers close to 56,000 sq. ft., offering several benefits to the company. It has improved the curb appeal of the property, enhanced the safety of the parking lot, and improved stormwater, run off and snow management.



The south side of Miele’s building involved converting over 12,000 sq. ft. of existing property into new parking spaces, which, as you can see was no small task.



The scope of work to expand and enhance Miele’s new parking lot included the removal of existing surface and granular material, regrading, and the installation of asphalt, parking stripes, concrete curbs, concrete sidewalks, lighting standards, and tactile paving to assist the visually impaired. The surrounding spaces were also re-landscaped.

Miele selected Dalton to act as project and construction manager to complete the improvements based on our successful delivery of the Experience Centre located in the building, as well as other Centres located in Yorkdale Shopping Centre (Toronto, ON), Calgary and Vancouver.

Here's a gallery showcasing our work with Miele.

Take a virtual tour of the Miele Experience Centre Yorkdale.


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