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Recognizing the hardworking teams building King Animal Hospital & St. Anne's School

Every component of the built world around us - from the floors we walk on, to the roofs over our heads - is the result of a trade worker’s education, craftsmanship, and hard work. While tools, machines and processes physically help to build, it’s the effort and commitment of our people who put plans and strategies into motion to make Dalton projects successful.

We are currently managing the construction of the new King Animal Hospital and hosted a BBQ earlier this month to recognize the dedicated team building the impressive 58,000-square-foot animal care facility in King City. With the sun shining and BBQ Dudes at the grill, it was an ideal setting to express gratitude to our on-site crews, project consultants and project contributors.

Dalton CEO, Andrew Dalton shared:

“We never take the work of our hard-working crew for granted or underestimate the sacrifice you make by spending long hours on site away from your families to provide this essential service. As you are all seeing first hand, The King Animal Hospital is a state-of-the-art facility with nothing like it in Canada. You are helping to build something truly exceptional and we are very proud of what is being accomplished. Thank you!”
From left: Rob Scheinberg, Tracy Jones, Danielle Scheinberg, Jordan Karry, Andrew Dalton

King Animal Hospital owners Danielle and Rob Scheinberg (who also own the neighbouring Dog Tales Rescue & Sanctuary) joined us, along with hospital CEO Tracy Jones and Director of Business Development, Jordan Karry; it was lovely to finally have the opportunity to socialize a bit and appreciate everyone’s contribution to this significant project.

We look forward to sharing more about the King Animal Hospital and how the expertise and skills of the entire project team are making this complex build successful.

Raffle winner Jack Vaz (Sitescape) took home a YETI Cooler
Members of the Dalton office team enjoyed catching up and checking out the KAH site

Photography: On 3 Photo & Film


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