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Welcome to Dalton

Although we are professional builders, we feel that we're really in the business of offering our clients comfort and confidence. We say this because, if not approached correctly, building or renovating can be a period of significant risk and vulnerability. Our Alternative Approach to Building™ is our proactive way of working that eliminates the woes that are common in a complex project. We also developed Building on Principles™ to ensure that our people uphold our values, ethics and standards. These two foundations allow you to experience the building or renovating process as it should be - with excitement, anticipation of using your new facilities, and the feeling that things are taken care of.

This site will give you a small taste of Dalton and what we've done in our 70 year history. We hope you enjoy the information we offer here.

CTV - Corporate Offices

For over a decade, The Dalton Company has been working on the CTV facilities, formerly known as City TV/CHUM. Individual projects are planned and completed on a yearly basis. Most ...

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