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Kristen Andrews is an enthusiastic advocate for women joining the Trades.

When the pandemic sidelined her career in Event Management, rather than wait for her industry to rebound, Kristen chose to use the opportunity to make a big change and pursue a career in carpentry. Yes, she decided to set aside the preconceived notions about women in the trades re: culture and safety and enroll in an apprenticeship program with UBC Local 27.

Kristen, pictured here (in the hole) after anchoring rebar into the concrete foundation at the King Animal Hospital

Though she had a passion for construction – often completing home renovation projects – she was definitely making a big shift and is thankful for the supportive hands-on learning environment that (the right) apprenticeship provides. There is always insecurity showing up to something new, especially as a woman in construction, but Kristen is a fierce advocate for going into the trades and can say from her experience that the team at Dalton is dispelling myths that construction sites aren’t supportive of women joining the ranks.

Kristen shares that when she goes home and talks about how awesome her days are, she is thankful she made the career change, and for the encouragement she receives on the jobsite. Her favourite project so far has been the King Animal Hospital, where she has the opportunity to learn and apply a range of skills while building a state-of-the-art animal hospital.

Kristen is currently the only female Carpenter on the Dalton team, and would love to see more women on site! If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about her experience, send us an email and we will connect you with Kristen.


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