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Mass Timber: The Growing Demand for Sustainable Construction in Ontario

Concrete and steel have long been the method of choice for commercial, institutional and residential buildings. Yet, there is an alternative way to build: Mass Timber. With Ontario's Mass Timber Program, changes to the Ontario Building Code allowing mass timber buildings up to 12-storeys, and a demand for sustainable building, use of mass timber has seen significant growth in construction.

Mass Timber: an engineered, wood-based structural building material suitable for large-scale infrastructure. *Mass Timber Institute, University of Toronto

Why use Mass Timber?

Mass Timber is considered a low carbon material compared to more carbon-intensive materials. Rather than producing carbon-dioxide like steel and cement, mass timber sequesters the carbon-dioxide reducing its overall environmental footprint.

In addition to being more sustainable and fire-resistant, mass timber components can be pre-fabricated off-site reducing construction timelines saving time and money.

Dalton and Mass Timber at King Animal Hospital

"Dalton has managed a wide range of timber buildings but in recent years we are seeing an increase in clients wanting to incorporate mass timber in their projects," says Jason Judson, Director of Project Development at Dalton. Dalton's current project at the new King Animal Hospital, involves various uses of mass timber to deliver more natural and durable structures. Together with our trusted trade partners, Normerica and Pineridge, we are constructing a dog boarding facility along with an operations garage and hay storage using Mass Timber materials and methods.

Look out for our next blog with more details on Mass Timber at King Animal Hospital!


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