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Project Site Tour Offers New Insights for TMX Group

Members of TMX Group’s marketing and sales team recently toured The Market Centre project we are currently building in Toronto’s financial district at 120 Adelaide St. W.

TMX Client Centre

Dalton’s site manager, Dimitre Vassilev (far right) and one of Dalton’s project managers Martin Hoey (second from right) led the tour, walking TMX staff through the site, while providing updates and insights into ongoing construction activities of this challenging, adaptive reuse project.

TMX Client Centre

Working with JLL (Project Manager) and B+H Architects, Dalton is providing Construction Management services to transform a ground-level space formerly occupied by Hy’s Steakhouse into a purpose-built client centre for events, broadcasting and meetings.

Here’s a photo of the space when it was restaurant.

Here’s how the space looks now as Dimitre guides TMX staff through an area of the facility that will serve as a broadcast and conference centre.

TMX Client Centre

TMX staff had a first-hand look at the infrastructure that we are currently installing for the facility, including structural alterations to accommodate features such as a new front entrance and broadcast lighting that will be suspended from the ceiling.

Throughout the tour, TMX staff expressed that seeing the space in person, as opposed to renderings on paper or a screen, gave them a new perspective that will better inform their ability to promote and plan future events for The Market Centre.

TMX Client Centre

For example, the above photo shows a TMX senior sales and event specialist (left) who is speaking with Martin and Dimitre about the construction details related to the bones of the structure that will support the centre’s massive, outdoor digital sign.

If you look closely at the steel column directly above the TMX staff member, you can see how the structure of the sign has been tied into the existing building. This was no small feat when you consider the steel structure is comprised of approximately 20,000 lbs. of structural steel.

In fact, just getting all that steel delivered to the project site proved to be a challenge when you consider the building’s location in Toronto’s bustling financial district, and its close proximity to surrounding buildings and public walkways.

We explored the challenges of the steel delivery in this video:

Stay tuned for more updates in the future about this project.

Please note: The views, opinions, and advice provided in this blog post reflect those of Dalton. The blog and related materials are not reviewed or endorsed by TMX Group or its affiliated companies.


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