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The Value of Team Building During the BataLofts Final Push

The BataLofts project is heading into its final homestretch and we recently held an appreciation lunch onsite to recognize the fine efforts of our trades people and consultants who comprise our integrated project team.

We hosted close to 100 people–including our client Batawa Development Corporation (BDC)–who are involved with the project, which aims to realize the late Sonja Bata’s vision to transform the former shoe factory in Batawa, ON into a mixed-use condominium.

Dalton Senior Project Manager, Jason Judson, addresses attendees during the event.

Trades and consultants took a break from working on the five-story building to enjoy a delicious burger grilled up fresh on site by Burger Revolution.

It was also a chance for a diverse group of team members–ranging from electricians, to carpenters, to architects, to mechanical engineers–to take a break away from their collective work and socialize.

As the construction manager leading the project, it was an important team-building opportunity for us to bring a diverse group of people together outside of the work being performed every day. In our experience, an event such as this helps to overcome the inherent challenges that arise when a multi-disciplinary team is under pressure to during the final push to deliver a complex project.

Dalton’s BataLofts project team (from left) Site Manager Dave Elliott, Project Manager Jason Judson, Assistant Site Manager Ryan Pratt and Project Assistant Danielle Best.


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