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The Challenges of Building on Toronto Island

Renovations are well underway at the Royal Canadian Yacht Club’s (RCYC) Island Clubhouse. Located on the southern shores of Toronto Island, the iconic RCYC Island Clubhouse is only accessible by boat, which presents logistical challenges for a large-scale renovation project. This involves restoring the existing façade of the clubhouse, replacing windows and renovating the Club’s bar/lounge and washrooms.

View looking south onto Toronto Harbour from the RCYC Island Clubhouse property.

Our project team needs to arrange for equipment and workers to be transported by barge or ferry at pre-scheduled times from RCYC’s launch area located on the mainland.

This requires extensive planning and coordination to ensure the safe, seamless delivery of people and equipment. Last month, our project team executed its first, large-scale delivery of equipment to the Island Clubhouse. Dalton partnered with marine services company Toronto Drydock to carry out the delivery.

Dalton project team members prepare scaffolding for loading onto the barge.

Scaffolding being loaded onto the barge for transport to the RCYC Island Clubhouse.

The equipment was loaded onto a barge that was pushed by a tugboat from a loading area in Lower Don Lands to RCYC’s property on Toronto Island. The three-hour operation went smoothly, thanks in part to careful planning, strict adherence to the project’s health and safety plan, and favourable weather conditions.

Construction at the Island Clubhouse is scheduled to be completed in Summer 2018.


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