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Celebrating the Rejuvenation of a 145 year-old Toronto Landmark

Saint Matthias, Bellwoods–a parish church that is part of the Diocese of Toronto, Anglican Church of Canada–recently celebrated its new nave and alter floor at a celebration mass.

A project team led by The Dalton Company replaced a large section of the church’s original, 2,500-sq. ft floor in an effort to revitalize the 145-year-old building located in Toronto’s west-end neighbourhood of Parkdale.

The event was attended by local parishioners and members of the project team. The Church was so pleased with the quality of the work executed by Dalton’s project team that they acknowledged our efforts in the celebration’s program.

Building on our prior experience working with several Anglican parishes in the Diocese of Toronto, as well as our expertise restoring heritage buildings–including The Stone Distillery and All Saints Church– Dalton’s project team led construction activities for the project that ultimately helped revitalize a church that has been a mainstay in Toronto for close to 150 years.

In progress photo of the St. Matthias, Bellwoods floor replacement project. The inset photo illustrates the column and foundation replacement that our team performed to reinforce the existing structural stability of the building.

Following three months of investigative and planning work, construction began in the summer and wrapped up in fall 2018. View our portfolio of projects with other parishes in the Diocese of Toronto and numerous other religious organizations.


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